Zirconia Discs

NexxZr+ Multi

NexxZr+ Multi

high translucent multilayer zirconia.

  • Efficiency – integrated color gradient.
  • Esthetics – highly translucent and polychromatic.
  • Color selection – 7 colors incl. gradient.

NexxZr + Multi is a polychromatic dental zirconia (Y-TZP ZrO2) for the production of esthetic, monolithic restorations with an integrated color grading. The integrated color gradient and 880MPa flexural strength enable the efficient production of single-tooth restorations and bridges up to 3 units in the anterior and posterior region. The application of all-ceramic glaze paste can be done with the common all-ceramic systems (see CTE value).

Processing Options

  • Monolithic processing
  • Partial ceramic veneering


  • Single-tooth restorations (anterior and posterior)
  • 3-unit bridges (anterior and posterior)

Delivery forms

  • W-98 (16mm, 20mm)
  • D-98  (16mm, 20mm)
  • Z-95  (16mm, 20mm)
  • A-71  (16mm, 20mm)


  • A1, A2, A3
  • B1, B2
  • C2
  • D2


Single Disc


Material/Product NexxZr+ Multi
Zirconium oxide ZrO2 ≥ 86%
Yttrium oxide + Y2O3 6,5-8%
Hafnium oxide HfO2 ≤ 5%
Aluminium oxide AI2O3 < 1%
Chemical solubility [µg/cm2] < 100


Material/Product NexxZr+ Multi
Linear thermal expansion / CTE [10-6 K-1] 9,9 ≤ CTE* ≤ 10,9 (*span 25-500°C)
Biaxial flexural strength [MPa]1 880
Fracture Toughness [MPa*m1/2]1 ≤ 3,5
Translucency [1-CR]*100 46%
Type/Class Type II / class 4

1 Typical values acc. to EN ISO 6872 (polished specimen)

2 Pre-shaded discs show lower values